Stoplock Steering Wheel Lock


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IMPORTANT – ENSURE THAT YOU CHOOSE THE CORRECT STOPLOCK BY CONSULTING THE ‘STOPLOCK APPLICATION GUIDE’. Simply click on the box just below which says ‘Which is the correct Stoplock for your vehicle?’
STOP THIEF! – you love your car, it’s probably your biggest expense and asset after your home, but thieves want it and they will bypass electronic locking systems and steal your vehicle in a few seconds
SOLUTION – buy a tried and trusted Stoplock ‘Airbag/4×4’ steering wheel lock which prevents the thief from being able to steer the car. There’s one for almost every vehicle, coupe, van, SUV, MPV, 4×4, estate
QUALITY – built to last and resistant to a wide range of power tools, peace of mind has never been simpler
IN USE – quick and easy to attach in seconds, compact enough to keep in the boot and supplied with a pair of keys (replacements can be purchased by quoting the key code) with 10,000 combinations
VISIBILITY – has a flashing LED which deters thieves and encourages them to move on to a more vulnerable vehicle on the street or in the car park

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