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Dutch Ovens 2

Dutch Ovens

Added many more great Dutch Ovens which are a superb way of cooking over the campfire when suspended on a tripod ! A cookbook just for Dutch Ovens i available too – have a search 🙂

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First Camp 9

First Camp

With lovely weather in the UK for the Easter Holiday weekend I am sure some folks will be enjoying a super camping or caravanning trip. Have a great time !

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Marshlander at Spirit of the Marsh 10

Marshlander at Spirit of the Marsh

Marshlander acknowledges the splendid coincidence of a festival called “Spirit of the Marsh”. He describes himself as a songwriter/one-man band living mostly on a boat in a remote part of the Fens or sometimes with his French partner in the Alps. In either case, between attending demos, lobbying Parliament and remembering to update his blog, […]

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