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Handheld Air Horn

Get your party started with this Hand Horn Clam Pack, carry it to your office, picnics, weekend getaways and make some noise

Personal Air Horn with Attachments

Streetwize air horn is designed to create extremely loud noise with the help of an air pump pressure and a twin locking mechanism. It is a great addition to your parties, college reunions, birthday parties, and bachelors party. The extremely loud noise is impossible to ignore which makes it a perfect prankster accessory. Personal air horn is easy to use and can be easily fit in your backpack, office and traveling bag.

How To Use

You can install the air compression horn by attaching it on an air pump. Spring back the handlebar by detaching, and then hold the handlebar to push down it to create sound. Using compresses air to make a loud sound. The pump is moved forward and backward which produces compressed air that passes into the horn through a reed or diaphragm.

About Streetwize

Established in 1986, Streetwize Accessories is a proud UK based company and has grown into one of the largest distributors of specialist automotive accessories, with an expanding footprint across 24 countries.

ANYTIME PARTYING ACCESSORY: It is small enough to be discreetly taken to workplace birthday celebrations or sports stadiums to spread the cheer. The air pump pressure horn can be your fun-time accessory to a camping trip or vacation.
PUMP ACTION NOISEMAKER: Hand horn is the trusted noise-making device whether it is about scaring a colleague or boosting the support for a local rugby team. The pump action horn is easy to use and is tough enough to outlast repeated, negligent use.
BLOW YOUR HORN: Not just idiomatic usage, this hand-operated air horn is often spotted on trailer vans, RV vans, small cars, and fire trucks where the shrieking sound is about signalling for safety and on-road navigation.
CARRY ALONG EVERYWHERE: You can carry this portable airhorn anywhere, everywhere. The detachable attachments can easily fit in your backpack, office bag or traveling bag. Attach all the parts and you are ready to make some noise.
CELEBRATION BACKUP: Fewer than expected folks turned-up at a celebration or the party organizer needs to make himself heard? This air horn trumpet is the perfect solution. The sound is harsh and impossible to ignore.

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