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? AA Batteries with 10 year shelf life: this 40 pack of AA batteries is one of the top ranges of GP Batteries, designed for reliable performance in everyday household devices. Due to their long storage life and handy container, these AA alkaline batteries hold power up to 10 years, so you can easily use them whenever you need them. Inside the box the batteries are packed in 4 packs of 10 batteries, 40 in total.
?Long-lasting power: With more than 50 years of experience, GP is the leading battery expert. These high performance GP AA batteries have a superb operating time in all kinds of battery powered devices (1.5 Volts). They last 10 times more than carbon zinc batteries and are available in all popular sizes.
? Easy replacement: These Ultra AA batteries are also known as Mignon batteries, LR06 batteries, MN1500 batteries, 15A Batteries, or AM3 batteries, so they can easily replaced by any other AA battery brand, both rechargeable and single use. Make sure they have the same reference code when replacing your old batteries.


Size AA Batteries 1.5 volt – Pack of 40 – Shelf life up to 7 years –
Also known as: AA – Mignon – LR06 – MN1500 – UM3 – 15A – AM3
Universal: Suitable for everyday use in a variety of devices – ideal e.g. for electronical toys, remote controlled cars, boat etc., other toys, walkie talkie radios, flashlights, audio equipment such as radio, CD player, speakers, headphones, LED sensor lights, alarm systems, lights, mice & keyboard. Etc.
Technology: Greater efficiency and longer battery life than other AA battery brands New technological innovations mean that this battery size continues to be in demand for both new and old mid-size home devices. Meets all safety and environmental regulation
Ideal for everyday use, particularly low drain devices

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