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  • Sainz relishing McLaren continuity after "weird" end at Renault
    on 22/11/2019 at 12:50

    Sainz is nearing the end of his first year with McLaren after signing a two-year deal to join the team for 2019.He was ousted at Renault after just one full season, which makes 2019/20 the first time Sainz has been a key part of a team's transition process since he was with Toro Rosso in 2016/17.Asked by about the significance of developing McLaren's car for next year ...Keep reading

  • Seventh year in F2 for Markelov as he joins HWA | Formula 2
    on 22/11/2019 at 12:49

    Artem Markelov will drive in Formula 2 for the seventh year in a row after signing a deal to drive for HWA Racelab in 2020.

  • Red Mist: The Cavallino Rampante needs strong hands at its reins
    on 22/11/2019 at 12:37

    Nepotism is a funny thing. When someone makes it big, somewhere along the line someone will need to take the reins — such is life, no matter how good, how rich or how clever you are, we are still all going to die. And the show will go on. Trouble is, us humans are sometimes not all that clever — we look after our own and that is not always a good thing. Show me a scion who has really made good? There must be four or five I know of who took something big and made it even bigger. Now hold that thought. As reported on GP247 earlier, John Elkann is Ferrari’s chairman, among several other hats he wears including chairman of Fiat and half of Italy’s media. Now John is ‘very angry’ with his drivers after the Brazilian Grand Prix. You too, mate? “What happened makes us understand how important Ferrari is,” Elkann told ANSA. “The drivers, no matter how good they are, must not forget they are Ferrari drivers.” Can’t argue with that. “Teamwork is important as the only thing that matters is that Ferrari wins.” John goes on to explain that. “It has been an extraordinary season for pole positions, but they have not been converted into victories.” None of that is news. We all knew that Sunday night already. And quite honestly mate, the buck stops with you — should we not be asking you why that conversion rate is so disappointing? Anyway, getting back to our scion, New York-born Italo-American John Elkann is former Fiat boss Gianni Agnelli’s grandson and he has quite a pedigree beyond that too. The son of a journalist, John went to school in England and France before graduating in management engineering in Turin and his international upbringing sees him fluent in four languages, good enough to see him chosen by grandfather Gianni to take over and he was appointed to the Fiat board at 21 in 2000. Elkann worked on the turnaround of Fiat Group in 2010 became chairman of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, succeeding Luca Cordero di Montezemolo — Elkann was also instrumental in appointing Sergio Marchionne as CEO of Ferrari and Fiat. Today Elkann is also Chairman of Ferrari, Vice Chairman of Gruppo Editoriale and board member of The Economist Group and is married to aristocrat Donna Lavinia Borromeo. They have three children. As scion and philanthropist, Elkann has done pretty well, but he does wear a few hats. And while he is clearly a fan of Formula 1, his diversity keeps him busy on all fronts. Elkann appointed Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri and Scuderia Ferrari team boss Mattea Binnotto shortly after Sergio Marchionne’s untimely death last year. While some say Marchionne’s death shook the establishment to the detriment of Ferrari’s on-track performance, others quite correctly argue that by now, the team should be over all that. And like all tifosi, I too want to know why what went down in Brazil, did. I mention Luca Cordero di Montezemolo a few lines up. Lawyer Luca was pretty much Enzo Ferrari’s chosen son and rose from being the Scuderia’s Lauda era team manager to running the Fiat empire until ousted in Marchionne’s palace revolt. Montezemolo also created the Schumacher Superteam led Ferrari to fourteen Formula 1 world championships. There have been none since his ousting. So he has pretty solid insight into affairs Ferrari. “I struggle to imagine the dismay of millions of Ferrari fans around the world,” Montezemolo told Italian journalist Leo Turrini this week. “It is also my dismay. “I feared it would happen, but this is nothing new — difficulties between Ferrari pilots have often happened before. “It happened with me and we dealt with it in the Ferrari way. “Those of us who have led the Red Army have always been aware that it is a great honour to do so — it was always our duty to remind our drivers where they are and what they represent. “When I was young, poor Regazzoni came to Drake (Enzo Ferrari) to complain about Lauda. “Later on in my time, Irvine and Barrichello challenged Schumi’s supremacy. “The answer was always the same — we told them that if they were not okay with putting Ferrari’s interest first, they were free to go — we told them to choose their new team and good luck! “The Scuderia’s interest always comes first — I told my drivers to challenge on the track, but we did not allow them to damage the company like this — never. And my drivers always listened.” “Of course, if it were up to me, I’d say the same to Vettel and Leclerc and while I will not judge from the outside, it seems that Sebastian and Carletto do not have this awareness, this respect for the team.” Montezemolo then makes another, most pertinent observation: “I could perhaps understand, but I would never justify an episode like what went down on Sunday, if there was victory at stake. “But for a minor place at the risk of all those points, the championship positions…? ” Discussing a solution to the Ferrari casino, Montezemolo concluded: “I hired Mattea Binotto at Ferrari and I trust his work, so perhaps a figure like the great Lauda did for Toto Wolff in Mercedes would help him, but that’s another story.” Of course, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo came out of Formula 1 and went on to great things at Fiat. John Elkann, on the other hand, is a Fiat man and through and through a damn good one for a scion. But is he not wearing a couple of hats too many to give Scuderia Ferrari the attention it deserves? Is it not time for him to scratch through those many hats, find the Scuderia Ferrari one and place it on the bare head of someone who has only the concern of the team and the millions of us Tifosi of heart? They say good leadership comes from a good leader. As much as they say that a fish rots from the head. John Elkann — stop the rot — hand those reins over and fully empower someone capable of controlling the Cavallino Rampante and only the Cavallino Rampante. And save us all from waiting another 21 years between titles, whatever ever it takes. It’s in your hands, sir… Big Question: Is John Elkann the man to return Ferrari to F1 glory?

  • Is F1’s 2021 rules package the best available compromise? | Dieter's Inbox
    on 22/11/2019 at 12:19

    After years of wrangling, Formula 1 has agreed a drastic overhaul of the sport's rules for 2021. Are the changes a good compromise - or not radical enough?

  • Sims sees off Mercedes challenge for Diriyah pole | Formula E
    on 22/11/2019 at 11:43

    Alexander Sims will start the first race of Formula E's 2019-20 season on pole position after seeing off a stern challenge from championship newcomers Mercedes.

  • Why Fuji will mark the first true Super GT/DTM battle
    on 22/11/2019 at 11:30

    This time, its the DTM (sort of) out of its comfort zone. The likes of Rene Rast and Marco Wittmann - the two leading drivers in the seven-car DTM field - have never raced at the Japanese circuit. But there's more to it than just experience, as there was at Hockenheim.Home advantage is important, the SUPER GT field knows the Fuji circuit and its demands well, but that means the drivers and ...Keep reading

  • Live: Formula E 2019-20 round 1: Diriyah EPrix race one | RaceFans Live
    on 22/11/2019 at 11:30

    Join us to follow round 1 of the 2019-20 Formula E season from Diriyah on RaceFans Live.

  • FIA admits 2020 tyre choice process "not perfect"
    on 22/11/2019 at 10:47

    The definitive choice of 2020 construction was supposed to be formally communicated to the teams by September 1st, so that they have plenty of time to adjust their aero programmes for a new shape.However, the process was delayed until October to allow for further testing.When the definitive new 2020 tyres were subsequently trialled in practice in Austin, the feedback was so negative that ...Keep reading

  • Brazil Q3 Formula 1 form shows Haas could've been 'best of rest' in 2019
    on 22/11/2019 at 10:36

    Haas Formula 1 boss Gunther Steiner says the speed of its Melbourne-specification car shows the outfit could have been a contender for 'best of the rest' this season

  • Red Bull F1 team perform Zero G pit stop
    on 22/11/2019 at 10:13

    What an amazing thing to witness! The Red Bull team needed a new challenge after performing three world record-breaking pit stops this season – and they found it at 33,000 feet, onboard an Ilyushin Il-76 MDK cosmonaut training plane. They took the 2005 RB1 car to the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City and set about proving that the sky really is the only limit by completing a pit stop in zero gravity! The post Red Bull F1 team perform Zero G pit stop appeared first on F1 Madness.

  • Formula E: What’s new for the 2019/20 season?
    on 22/11/2019 at 10:09

    Bigger, better, faster are the buzzwords ahead of the 2019/2020 ABB FIA Formula E Championship which gets underway today in Saudi Arabia and here – provided by the media team – is all you need to know about the sixth edition of the series. New Cities, New Streets: In Season Six, fourteen races will take place over five continents, featuring the return of London to the calendar, plus two new locations in Seoul and Jakarta. New Contenders: The 2019/20 season will also see Mercedes-Benz EQ and the TAG Heuer Porsche teams make their much-anticipated debut in the all-electric series. This year’s expanded 12-team entry list will see 24 of the world’s top drivers take to the grid for the first race of the 2019/20 Championship in Saudi Arabia. Making their debut in the all-electric championship is James Calado at Panasonic Jaguar Racing and FIA Formula 2 Champion Nyck de Vries at Mercedes-Benz EQ, while Brendon Hartley and Nico Mueller make up the entirely new Geox Dragon line up. The Biggest Grid To Date: After Porsche became the 12th team to join the series, the new campaign will feature Formula E’s biggest grid to date, with a total of 24 cars set to start the sixth season’s opening race. With Mercedes-Benz also joining Audi and BMW, the field will feature four German manufacturers lining up alongside the likes of Jaguar and Nissan. Eleven teams will be looking to dethrone reigning champions DS Techeetah, who begin their title defence partnered with French manufacturer DS Automobiles for the second successive season. Envision Virgin Racing, Geox Dragon, Mahindra Racing, NIO 333 and Venturi Racing complete the grid line-up and will all be aiming for improved performances on last season. Racing Against The Clock: Formula E moved to timed races last year, with each round run to a strict limit of 45-minutes plus one additional lap to reach the chequered flag, and the format will continue in the 2019/20 season. However, the countdown clock will now stop if the race is temporarily suspended – remaining at the discretion of the FIA Race Director – with the aim to complete the full amount of race time. More Power To Attack: We will also see a tweak to ATTACK MODE, which was also introduced in the last campaign in a world-first for motorsport, whereby drivers were able to access a higher power mode, in addition to FANBOOST, which let them pick up an extra hit of power. New for the 2019/20 season, drivers will have an additional 10kW of power available when using ATTACK MODE, rising from 225kW to 235kW. Changes For Full Course Yellows: But drivers will no longer be able to activate ATTACK MODE under Full Course Yellow (FCY), or when the safety car is deployed, which means they will have to go off the racing line to activate the extra power under normal race conditions and run the risk of losing positions. Further still, to increase the emphasis on energy management, during safety car periods and under FCY, a fixed quantity of energy – equal to 1kWh per minute for the duration of the caution period – will be subtracted from the total energy remaining in each car. This means that drivers will no longer be able to save energy by driving at lower speeds under FCY or behind the safety car, leading to more varied strategies and closer, wheel-to-wheel racing from start to finish. Keep It Single: As regards new technical regulations, Twin motors have been banned from 2019–20 season onwards, a decision that only affects Nissan e.dams, who had a busy off-season working on a new powertrain solution. Bonus Points: This season, the fastest driver in the qualifying group stages will now be awarded one bonus point. The Julius Baer Pole Position, awarded to the Pole sitter after Qualifying, will continue to be rewarded with three points. As in previous seasons, one point will still be awarded for the race’s fastest lap set by a driver finishing in the top ten. New Season, Same Squad: Five teams have retained the same driver line-up from the 2018/19 season. Nissan, Audi, Virgin, Mahindra and Venturi keep the same two drivers ahead of the new campaign with Audi remaining as the only team to have retained both Daniel Abt and Lucas di Grassi since the inaugural season in 2014. Change At The Reigning Champs: One of the most significant changes comes at reigning team champions DS Techeetah, who have broken up a winning combination following Andre Lotterer’s move to newcomers Porsche, with Antonio Felix da Costa switching from BMW to partner double Formula E Champion, Jean-Eric Vergne.

  • Honda's 2020 bike no easier to ride, says Crutchlow
    on 22/11/2019 at 10:02

    LCR rider Crutchlow was vocal about the 2019-spec RC213V’s difficulty in turning all through this year, having managing only three podiums in 19 races using it.Having spent the two days in Valencia comparing the ’19 and ’20 bikes, Crutchlow says steps have been made “in some areas”, but the bike is still difficult to ride.“We have to be positive with the bike that they brought ...Keep reading

  • Marko: Gasly "would've never recovered" staying at Red Bull
    on 22/11/2019 at 09:23

    Gasly spent the first half of the 2019 season with RBR, logging a best finish of fourth at Silverstone, before being replaced by Alex Albon after the summer break.Marko says that the Frenchman, who took a sensational second place in Brazil, has got his career back on track after his demotion.“He’s recovered, and now we see the real Pierre,” Marko told “We always ...Keep reading

  • Diriyah E-Prix: BMW's Sims beats Mercedes duo to pole
    on 22/11/2019 at 09:18

    Sims made it through to the superpole session from the third qualifying group, before a rapid and planted flying lap in the final segment gave him a 1m14.563s and three points for the first pole of the season – and the second of his FE career.Vandoorne benefited from a strong final sector to claim a front-row start for Mercedes’s first FE race as a works entrant, while his teammate – ...Keep reading

  • Hamilton: I never got into it for money
    on 22/11/2019 at 09:16

    Six-time Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton has opened up in a massive and definitive season-ending interview with BBC’s Andrew Benson. The 34-year old Briton is rapidly becoming the most successful driver in the history of the sport – Michael Schumacher’s extraordinary records are finally tangible. Hamilton, also the highest earner in the history of the sport and reportedly on $40-million-plus a year from Mercedes, started by insisting, “I never got into it for money. Of course, it is great that it piles up – no problem. That is a bonus. As long as those things don’t become the lead factor of what I do. “The core of what I do is that I love racing. I love the challenge. I love arriving knowing I have got these incredibly talented youngsters who are trying to beat me and outperform me, outsmart me, and I love that battle that I get into every single year. “And I am working with these guys [Mercedes] who are so much smarter than me and they make me feel smarter. When I am challenging them and proving them wrong so many times, it is unreal.” On the dark side, death visited the F1 circus at Spa-Francorchamps when Anthoine Hubert was killed in a horrific crash during the Formula 2 support race in September. Hamilton recalled, “It wasn’t the first time I’ve seen that happen in my career. “I remember quite vividly when I was young [8] I won this race in Kimbolton and Daniel Spence died and that was a tragic time for me as a kid, the first time I had known someone to die. And I was just with him that day. “That was a tough one. This one, I was doing an interview and I saw it happen out of the corner of my eye and I just knew it was [bad]. And lots of things flashed through my mind. I remember watching Ayrton when he watched Ratzenberger crash and seeing his face. There was a lot of deja vu in that experience. “A lot of thoughts went through my mind in the evening. I worried about the kid. I know what it’s like to be in F2 and having the dream of being somewhere. I thought to myself: The cars are still unsafe. Particularly lower down the ranks, it’s probably even less safe than it is for us. “And then there is the question of how much more do you need, how much more do you want? And finding all those balances. I’m not chasing because I have to have it, because I love what I do. And I was like: Jeez, I could spend more time with my family. All these things that you can look back on. “I’m sure when it comes to your last day – I like to think you’re at the pearly gates – you’re looking back on your life, you’re never asking: I wish I had more money. You always wish you had more time. And you probably have a ton of regrets: If only I’d made that decision on that day, I could have spent more time with my loved one. Or whatever it is. “All those things were going through my mind but there was never a second I thought I wasn’t going to keep racing. The fear factor never crept in. That was an important factor for me. “I remember when that kid died, when I was eight, one of my best friends at the time quit racing. Fear crept into him and he just quit. For me, I was like, if that ever creeps into me, I know that’s the last legs of my career.” In the 12 years since he broke onto the F1 scene, Hamilton has been no stranger to controversy, which he tends to court – intentionally or not – on social media. Over the years the Briton has developed his presence online through Instagram and to a lesser extent Twitter and Facebook. But it appears to be a love-hate relationship as he has, more than once, found himself in hot water for politically incorrect posts while heartfelt declarations about saving the world, inspiration memes and insights into his life are common. Most recently the World Champion caused consternation when he declared that his “life had no meaning” which again caused a buzz online. “Most of the time, I wear my heart on my sleeve,” explained Hamilton. “It was an emotional post, which is not always good to do. It just felt like I was banging my head against the wall and not gaining ground. “There is a lot of push-back on a lot of things I do, and a lot of questioning of everything I do and say. You live your life under a magnifying glass. And the pressure for anyone that’s in the limelight… we’re only human, so at some stage you’re going to buckle a little bit. “But I always say it’s not how you fall, it’s how you get back up. And I really turned that negativity into a positive and came back and won that next race. And you’ll probably see if you look back in the history of the times I’ve often had those difficult phases, I’ve often won the next races. That’s where my strength lies.” His other strength is no doubt his ability to juggle his busy social life, as well as his personal projects, with delivering at the highest level on-track on given Sundays. But the importance of life-balance does not escape the vegan, “I would say just the energy load, there is a lot; I have to take a lot of weight. I don’t go to the races and just go home, all week just training, which would be so much easier. “I have so many commitments. And I would say that in many areas that’s a strength but if I’m not careful that can easily tip over and be a weakness. I am constantly monitoring that. I run a tight ship with [close freind] Marc [Hynes] and my guys. I don’t plan to be the easiest person to work with. I tell you how it is. “And if I ever feel that I need to back away, I’ve got people around me who [are supportive]. Like [last] Monday, for example, I was, like: Bono, I can’t be there Monday but let’s catch up on Tuesday because I’m overloaded. I need to sleep. It’s about understanding your body and making sure you stay centred.” While Schumacher’s majestic records are now realistic targets, it remains a fact that Hamilton is closer to the sunset of his career than the sunrise in 2007. Nevertheless, talk of him quitting is well premature as he explained, “I don’t fear it. Naturally for athletes, it has to be the saddest day, to hang up and stop doing something you’ve loved your whole life and as long as you can remember. “But that is why I have all these other things in place that I can fall back on. The fashion side, for example. I’ve found another business that I can do for a long time if successful. Currently that is going really, really well but I don’t know how long it will go. “But at least I have another interest. There are a lot of different things I can be interested in. I know my life is not going to be over when I retire. And that gives me a lot of comfort. “But right now I feel physically good enough to continue so I’m going to try to eke that out as long as I can,” concluded Hamilton who will be hunting his 84th Grand Prix victory when he lines up on the grid for the 2019 season finale in Abu Dhabi on 1 December.

  • Zandvoort F1 banking will be twice as steep as Indianapolis in 2020
    on 22/11/2019 at 09:11

    Zandvoort has revealed the Formula 1 banking at its final corner will be akin to an American oval, and is set to be twice as steep as turns at Indianapolis

  • FIA: Seizure of fuel systems just a routine check
    on 22/11/2019 at 08:34

    In the wake of the Brazilian Grand Prix he FIA has played down suggestions Ferrari’s fuel system has been confiscated amid cheating allegations that have wafted in the Formula 1 paddock since the United States Grand Prix weekend where Red horsepower went AWOL. Questions were raised by Red Bull and Mercedes surrounding the legality of Ferrari’s 2019 power unit, a third technical directive has now been issued by the sport’s governing body. It means that from 2020, a new sensor will be added to monitor whether teams are not breaching maximum fuel flow rules but it seems that the issue is not solely about Ferrari. RTL claims that along with Ferrari’s, the fuel systems of a Ferrari-powered Haas and a Red Bull-Honda were also seized by the FIA in Brazil. However, a spokesperson for the FIA told the German broadcaster that it is not right to say the fuel system was “confiscated” but rather a routine “check” and nothing out of the ordinary. Interestingly, Max Verstappen was one of the first to suggest that Ferrari might have been cheating, thereafter the fall-out from the ill-advised comments was significant. But they came back to haunt him after the Brazilian Grand Prix, which the Dutchman dominated in his Red Bull and where Honda enjoyed the upper-hand in the horsepower stakes, after which Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel cheekily suggested the new-found performance was “suspicious” in what was a clear tete-a-tete aimed at all concerned.

  • Russell will miss “funny, knowledgeable” Kubica | 2019 F1 season
    on 22/11/2019 at 08:12

    George Russell says he has learned a lot from Robert Kubica and will miss his team mate when he leaves Williams after next week's race.

  • Masa: Every driver in Formula E can be successful in F1
    on 22/11/2019 at 08:03

    Formula E is fast becoming the obvious ‘Plan-B’ for Formula 1 drivers according to Felipe Massa, the former 11-time grand prix winner with Ferrari who now drives in the all-electric series whose season begins this weekend in Saudi Arabia. Mercedes and Porsche have signed up for the new Formula E season, which kicks off this weekend in Saudi Arabia. Other former F1 drivers on the grid are Brendon Hartley, Pascal Wehrlein, Stoffel Vandoorne and others, while the new Formula 2 champion Nyck de Vries is racing for the new works Mercedes team. And while Formula 1 features only four carmakers, in Formula E there are six, also including Audi, BMW, Nissan and Jaguar. “Formula E is doing exactly what needs to be done. It is growing,” 38-year-old Massa told the Mirror. “When a championship is growing and getting bigger and bigger, all the big names are interested. It was the only championship I was looking to come and race after Formula 1.” Formula E aside, there are still multiple premier racing categories for professional drivers to consider, like Indycar, Super Formula, WEC and DTM. Massa continued, “I concentrate on Formula E, because I believe in the future of Formula E more than I believe in the future of the other championship. “I am sure that any driver that does not have the possibility to stay in F1, they will try and come to Formula E. I am 100 per cent sure. Every driver here is capable of racing in F1 and in the end everyone here can be successful in F1,” added the Brazilian.

  • Walkinshaw eyeing 2020 with shocks switch
    on 22/11/2019 at 07:47

    Dampers will be added to the list of control components in Supercars next season, Australian manufacturer Supashock winning a tender to supply the entire category.The deal is yet to be formally announced by Supercars.With Erebus the only team regularly running the Supashock package, WAU has elected to make an early switch for this weekend's Newcastle 500.The squad has ditched its ...Keep reading

  • Rohonyi: Rio Grand Prix bid not even worth talking about
    on 22/11/2019 at 07:21

    Brazilian Grad Prix promoter Tamas Rohonyi does not believe a bid to switch the race to a new circuit in Rio de Janeiro (pictured above) is to be taken seriously. Interlagos officials have and are meeting with Liberty Media to discuss paying an annual fee in order to keep the Formula 1 race in Sao Paulo for the next decade. But Rohonyi told Auto Hebdo that he is not overly concerned about reports suggesting Rio is a viable alternative for the sport, “I try not to comment on that project because it is not serious. “I do not know the person behind it and I do not doubt his good intentions, but there is no chance to build a circuit in that place in the next four or five years. “It’s not just a question of money, but of authority too. The place is a former military site used as a base that first needs all the ammunition that did not explode and is buried removed. It’s not even worth talking about,” insisted Rohonyi. La Gazzetta dello Sport claimed this week that Interlagos may even be protected by a clause in its agreements with Liberty. At any rate, Rohonyi believes his organisation has a healthy relationship with Liberty Media, “I hope so. We actually do not have much of a relationship. “Chase Carey came here and we talked about anything and everything over coffee. It was very nice, but our relationship is primarily contractual. “I think it’s very important for them to be here. The Brazilian Grand Prix is the only one in South America, it takes place on a marvellous circuit in front of a huge crowd and the city is the most important economic centre in the southern hemisphere. “So yes, I think it’s very important to them,” added Rohonyi.

  • Pirelli expects Yas Marina test will convince F1 teams to back 2020 tyres | 2020 F1 season
    on 22/11/2019 at 07:13

    Formula 1's official tyre supplier Pirelli expects the post-season test at Yas Marina will address teams' concerns over its new rubber for 2020.

  • Ralf Schumacher: Leclerc is the future for Ferrari not Vettel
    on 22/11/2019 at 07:10

    Ralf Schumacher believes Ferrari will be prioritising the team’s driver conundrum in the coming weeks and months. in the wake of another embarrassing race for Formula 1’s most famous team. Schumacher, brother of Michael and a six-time F1 winner, thinks driver conflict is an extremely urgent problem for the Italian team. “I believe there will be a difficult internal discussion because Binotto is increasingly coming under pressure,” he told Sky Deutschland. “After all, Ferrari has other worries than its teammates constantly arguing. And they both have that responsibility to prevent this as they are both mature enough to do so. “I think it is serious enough that if it does not improve, if there are no clear rules of engagement, then Ferrari might think about changing something,” Schumacher added. And if the situation further deteriorates, Schumacher thinks the main victim will be quadruple world champion Vettel, “It will be very difficult for both of them but especially Sebastian. If they cannot find a solution, it is clear that the future is with Charles.” Meanwhile, Ferrari’s chairman John Elkann has even weighed into the clash in Brazil between Vettel and Leclerc, declaring he is “very angry” about it. And added, “The only thing that matters is Ferrari winning. It is a team game and this aspect cannot be forgotten. Mattia Binotto was clear about this.”

  • Diriyah E-Prix: Bird leads da Costa in practice
    on 22/11/2019 at 07:10

    As reported on Thursday, the sand sitting on top of the new asphalt at the Riyadh track created very low grip conditions – which were exaggerated by the low temperatures at the start of the day on Friday.In FP1, which was topped by Bird’s Virgin teammate Robin Frijns on a 1m16.137s, NIO 333 driver Ma Qing Hua crashed on his out lap – bringing out the session’s first red ...Keep reading

  • Instagram clash sparks Supercars intervention
    on 22/11/2019 at 07:00

    Pye and McLaughlin staged a public back-and-forth via the popular social media platform yesterday, centred around DJR Team Penske's raft of infractions from the Bathurst 1000.The quarrel started when Pye took exception to a comment from McLaughlin saying he'd been "annoyed with my peers" as the saga had played out. “You must understand that some people are going to be pissed off that a ...Keep reading

  • Fuji Dream Race: Mardenborough tops Friday practice
    on 22/11/2019 at 06:08

    Mardenborough set his best time of 1m47.733s in the morning's opening practice session, proving to be over 1.5 seconds quicker than the fastest DTM competitor in Audi's Mike Rockenfeller.The session was repeatedly disrupted due to the torrential rain and fog, contributing to a lengthy delay when Team Mugen driver Hideki Mutoh crashed heavily at the slow Dunlop right-hander.The damage to ...Keep reading

  • Newcastle Supercars: Whincup sets Friday pace
    on 22/11/2019 at 05:29

    The seven-time series champion needed two cracks on his final run, his first qualifying simulation ruined when he ran wide at Turn 11.But his fresh Dunlop rubber was up for a second lap, Whincup pipping Tickford driver Waters by five-thousandths courtesy of a 1m10.317s."It's a tough little circuit and that's all part of the challenge," he said. "My car didn't feel that flash then on ...Keep reading

  • Pye hospitalised with illness
    on 22/11/2019 at 04:01

    The Walkinshaw Andretti United driver was hit with a bout of gastro overnight, the team putting Pye's enduro co-driver Warren Luff on standby for today's practice sessions.Pye did manage to get through this morning's first session, and even suggested afterwards that he should be fine to continue for the remainder of the weekend.However his condition deteriorated after the session ...Keep reading

  • Newcastle Supercars: McLaughlin edges Reynolds in first practice
    on 22/11/2019 at 01:38

    The Penske Ford driver spent much of the 30-minute session floating around the Top 10, one of his runs interrupted by a wild moment coming into Turn 11.Then, just inside the final minute, he soared to the top of the times, a 1m10.609s on his last lap leaving him 0.01s clear of outspoken rival Reynolds.The Erebus driver had gone fastest just seconds earlier, pulling more than four-tenths ...Keep reading

  • Ferrari still seeking explanation for poor Austin performance | RaceFans Round-up
    on 22/11/2019 at 00:01

    In the round-up: Ferrari still seeking explanation for poor Austin performance • Junior formulae less safe than F1 - Hamilton • FIA to add new F1 engine sensor

  • Full Supercars Newcastle 500 weekend schedule
    on 21/11/2019 at 21:33

    Subject to change. All times and TV listings local (AEDT, GMT +11).Friday November 2209:00-09:20 SuperUtes – Practice 109:30-09:50 Toyota 86 Racing Series – Practice 110:00-10:20 Aussie Racing Cars – Practice10:35-11:15 Super2 – Practice 111:30-12:00 Supercars – Practice 1 (Fox Sports 506)12:25-12:45 SuperUtes – Practice 2 (Fox Sports 506)12:55-13:15 Toyota 86 Racing Series – ...Keep reading

  • How new track surface could impact Riyadh Formula E race
    on 21/11/2019 at 17:24 understands that approximately 80% of the asphalt has been re-laid at the 1.5-mile circuit, with several large manhole covers now installed in the undulating first and second sectors – where pools of water collected during the rain-affected practice sessions and caused the timetable for the 2018 event to be heavily revised.When asked about the changes by in the ...Keep reading

  • Argentina replaces Qatar as WSBK finale host
    on 21/11/2019 at 15:39

    The production-based series issued a 2020 calendar on Thursday featuring 13 rounds, with Phillip Island as per usual hosting the season opener on February 28-March 1.But the Qatar round, which has hosted the final round of the series every year since 2014, has been shifted to mid-March, occupying the slot previously held by Buriram.The Thai track, along with Laguna Seca, have both been ...Keep reading

  • Aprilia's "extreme" gearbox solution to blame for fire
    on 21/11/2019 at 13:56

    Iannone caused a red flag a couple of hours into Wednesday’s running at the Valencia test when his Aprilia burst into flames on the main straight on the run into Turn 1.Aprilia had no new items to test in Valencia – which Aleix Espargaro branded as “not at all” acceptable – but were trying different set-up solutions to apply to the development of its radical 2020 bike.One such ...Keep reading

  • Smaller teams can still beat giants in Formula E - d'Ambrosio
    on 21/11/2019 at 13:02

    Mercedes and Porsche have become the latest high-profile manufacturers to enter the all-electric championship this season, joining fellow German makes Audi and BMW, British car maker Jaguar and Japan’s Nissan, among others.Mercedes sets foot in Formula E on the back of its sixth straight title double in Formula 1, with its success stemming from the investment it made when the new hybrid ...Keep reading